This project is very dear to my heart. I am a biker and I couldn’t leave this subject alone. During my everyday rides I noticed one issue that constantly repeated. So I decided to do something about it. In Poland there’s a big issue as pedestrians and car drivers do not acknowledge the fact that they use bike paths. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if it happened once or twice a day, but in Warsaw sometimes you have to push past people or ask them to move 15 times within a 5 minutes ride! (when you enter the page please hit refresh – there’s a surprise)

  • Animation
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  • UI
  • UX

I decided to Create this project to deal with that little frustration of mine 😃. I printed out little cards with question ‘Are you a bike?’ and a link to this website. And shared them with pedestrians and car drivers that used bike paths unconsciously.  I decided to believe that those people are just in this mental state that they think they are bikes and they need a professional help. This website is a guide how to deal with ‘RUAB’ and how to cure your self 😬